Faxing has been made easier due to advancement in technology. Documents are transmitted on line without having to use the traditional fax machine. This can be done on mobile phones or laptop; one needs only have the necessary application. Google has even made it easier through the on line services. To start off, one will need the following to learn how a fax number integrates with email.

Gmail account

Opening a Gmail account if free. It is also reliable and has a backing from Google.Email fax service account:

facilitates receipt and sending of documents.

A lot of planning should be involved in sourcing for online faxing service providers. Reliability should be at the top of the list. The other factor should be the cost. Most service providers will give the customer a period during which they will test their service if it meets their specifications.

Virtual fax number

2This unique number is given by the Email fax services, and it enables all the incoming fax messages to be directed into the recipients in box. Messages are received as Adobe PDFs.The following are basic steps in learning how to fax using Google services:

  •  Log into Gmail account, click on compose.

The window for writing mail will be accessible.

  • The contents of the fax must be in a document format, that is, .pdf, .doc, .xls.

Click on the attachment’ icon and access the document. Documents in the Google drive account can also be attached by clicking on the Google drove button.

  • Write a cover letter in the space where the email is usually drafted.

This could be introduction to the content and the subject in the attachment. This gives the recipient prior information to what is contained in the attachment. It could also serve as a summary of the contents in the attachment.

  • Recheck the cover letter and the attachments.

Ensure that the information is correct and accurate. This will save one from embarrassment of sending the wrong attachment or giving information that is out of context.

  • After writing the message, then it’s time to send it.

However, instead of writing the email address of the recipient, write the fax address. A domain name that is provided by the fax service provider should be used for this step, since Gmail in itself does not have features on sending fax messages.In the world today, virtual faxing is not an option. It has the following advantages.

Lower cost

Cost is reduced in initial investment, as a fax machine is not purchased. Similarly, less paper and toner is used.

  • Speed: faxing through Google is highly automated.

It also features whereby documents are sent to several recipients at a time.

Eco friendly

Documents are read without being printed, hence saving a lot on paper and thus the environment.


Encryption technology and advanced protection ensure that the documents are private and confidential.



Document can be accessed at a later date since it will be stored on the email.

  • Fax messages can be received or sent from any location.
  •  Convenience: the process can be done from the mobile phone or tablet.