How to choose the best iPhone 7 accessories

The unique 3-D touch iPhone which you are holding in your hands needs more embellishment. But when choosing those accessories, you need to be extra watchful as there are a lot of brands out in the market competing to offer all those products. Get the  best iPhone 7 accessories. Here are some suggestions for the accessories for your iPhone 7 and the details which you should consider while buying the same.


The first thing to consider is durability. Check whether the case is designed to survive drops, dust, and scratch. Then go for the fun in the designs without neglecting protection. A shock absorbing technology is also a fine point to look for.


Look for wireless headphones which are noise-cancelling. There are brands which offer an audio cable included with the Bluetooth if the headphone’s battery starts running low. Cushion padding of the headphones makes listening much comfortable if you are listening for a longer duration. Check the bass for low distortion.

Car and Bike Mounts

222wesWhile driving a car, or riding a bike it is obligatory to keep your phone safe. The mounts should position in your vehicle in such a way that you don’t have to divert your attention from the road to the device for maps or routs. There are magnetic mounts which will clip to the AC vents in a car.


While you are working out in a gym or out on a run, and you need to access the iphone then it is highly recommended that you should certainly have an armband for the phone. There are a lot of brands which offer quality armbands with a lot of features.

Go for a lightweight one. It should be water proof because there will be a lot of sweat if you are using it during your workout. Check for the adjust ability and size of the wrist. Armbands with reflective strip which will protect you from the traffic coming from the opposite direction in low visibility conditions are also available in market.

Screen protector

Check whether it is made from real glass with technologies to keep the smudges away. Otherwise, it will affect the screen quality of your iPhone 7 . Always go for a product with a lifetime warranty.

333oiuDock: Buy a dock which offers the option where you can use your phone with regular wired headphones while charging the device. Also take care that it should be handy on a desktop.

How Mobile Phones Has Made Work Easier

Technology continues to grow and transform business. Perhaps the most pervasive technological advancement has been telephones. Phones, specifically mobile phones, have become a necessary part of our lives. For some, it would be impossible to go one day without their mobile phone. We rely on them for almost everything from checking email, checking sports scores, checking the weather, and even video chatting with our friends and family. Because they are capable of doing so much, they have helped create better interpersonal relationships and created better businesses. The another side of the double-edged sword is that mobile users always want more. The latest app is great for a few weeks, but there is always the need for the next evolution. For the purpose of this article, we will be reviewing the greatest advancements mobile phones for the business world.

How mobile phones has made work easier

sdfcdfThe ability to check email on a telephone was a revolutionary concept. What started as a service that was exclusive to Blackberry, Palm, and other early generation smartphones became available in absolutely every mobile phone on the market today. If your phone can’t manage email, you have a glorified paperweight. Email is essential to business. It is what keeps the business running. It facilitates customer’s ability to contact you and teams within the business ability to contact each other. Email on mobile phones is awesome and essential.

Another great mobile phone business advancement is video chat. This is a recent advancement largely due to the 3G and 4G (soon to be 5G) networks which allow greater bandwidth to be used for individual apps. Services like FaceTime on the Apple iPhone or the Skype App available on any mobile phone has enabled face to face business conversations. Telephone conversations are great, but seeing your business associates adds a new level of personalization to any business and creates a powerful global exchange.

Impact on business

Another essential advancement and part of the app revolution is mobile CRM software. CRM is an acronym for customer relationship management and it’s how business employees stay on the same page. It makes it, so if employee X gets a call about an account and updates their notes, employee Y is on the same page if they talk to that same customer. For mobile businesses, having a roving and accessible CRM means the business doesn’t need to take place within buildings anymore. Businesses can be managed from a Starbucks as effectively as they can be managed from a Broad Street USA address.

edfgcvAll of this new technology is working to help make business easier for both the company and the customer. Another advancement in the telecom industry is the use of mobile social networking portals like Facebook and Twitter. It’s all about customer communication and these mobile interfaces mean you can keep in touch with your customers on the go.

Because technology is constantly changing, it is hard to predict what the telecom industry is going to look like in the next decade. What we do know is that the aforementioned building blocks have made business communication stronger than ever before. Apps and innovations have strengthened customer service and made businesses stronger. Who knows that the next innovations will be! Only time will tell.