Top Benefits Of Using The Franking Machine

As much as the emails and other digital communication channels have come and gained heavy usage in the modern world, the use of physical postal mails is still a long way from extinction. However, it is not common to see stamps and other mailing facilities being availed in the local shops as in the case of a few decades ago. Since there are offices and businesses still using the physical mail services to send invoices and other official documents, then it is important to have all the necessary physical mail facilities. One of such facilities is the franking machine which is a crucial gadget to hand the outbound mails.

Top benefits of the franking machine

Branding and promotion

One benefit of having Frankierung für Ihr Unternehmen is that one can add the company logo or few details. Therefore every mail sent will bear the companies branding logo. In return, the correspondence to such mail is taken more seriously that the stamps. After all the envelopes look more professional and serious. The branded names can create awareness to the people handling the mail that your company exists even if they are not the actual recipients.



Once the company buys the franking machine, it is extended some discount per every mail that is sent. This is according to the mail services which controls the postal services of all the mails. The mail handling agency often also offers discounts when the company sends bulk franked mails at once. They can extend such discounts since the processing of franked mail is easier than stamped mails. Also, they do not have to issue the stamps.


The franking machine is easy, fast and convenient to use. It can stamp many mails within a very short time thus ensuring the administration staff to do something else during the saved time. On the other hand, stamps can be untidy as they have to be wet to stick while others can come off if care is not taken. The process is also slow since each stamp has to be stuck carefully on the envelope taking care not to pile the letters to avoid sticking together.


Security and control

The machine counts the number of mails it has stamped, and this will provide the best data during cost controls and audit. The company can track accurately the number of mails they send and should they be planning to go paperless, then such numbers can be used to shift. There is also a better control of who can use the machine as it can be locked away from misuse.